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Ventilation chimneys in online product configurator (PCF)


We have a multilingual online product configurator (PCF) for our resellers, with which products can be configured as desired. The PCF shows the gross price of the configuration and the product specifications can be downloaded in PDF. Handy for making quotes in real time. The configurations can also be ordered directly from the PCF. The PCF is available through our dealer portal (

In the past years, only our OptiFlex products were available in the PCF (inlets, daylight systems, pop-hole doors, and light traps). But recently, our OptiVent products have been added! Our OptiVent product line consist of complete ventilation chimneys (intake and exhaust chimneys), but also the parts for the chimneys. Think of butterfly valves, distribution plates or light traps for chimneys. Both the welded tubes and the compact tubes are incorporated in the PCF.

If you already have a login for our dealer portal, you can use the new functionality by clicking on the second icon ‘OptiVent chimneys’ in the left menu. If you do not have a login yet, but would be interested in one, please contact your contact person.

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