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Blackout Roof Window DR-SK

Daylight systems

Daylight entry into your house is necessary to meet today’s welfare requirements. Depending on the applicable regulations, 3-5% of the house surface may be required for daylighting. With the black out roof window of Scan-Air you have the right roof window in your hands to perfectly regulate the daylight entry into your house.

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Benefits of Blackout Roof Window DR-SK

Meets the requirements of KAT/QS/SKAL/MDV/BLK

A 25% opening is also 25% opening distributed over the entire surface of the window, compared to an unequal opening with coupled flaps. In this way there is no shadow formation on the house floor. This prevents the animals from standing close to each other due to daylight entry.

The length of the window can be made to fit between the purlins in any size. In this way, the space between the purlins can be used optimally. As a result, the net daylight area per roof window depends on the purlin spacing. As a result, as few roof windows as possible are required.

The benefit of suitable dimensions also saves a lot of mounting costs, because the roof windows can be mounted directly on the purlins. This avoids the extra labor that would be required when placing a frame around the roof windows.

Uniform light distribution

High insulation value

Plug & play mounting

Spring closed

Due to the materials used, the roof windows are light in weight, which contributes to an easy installation.


PU filled flaps

Available dimensions

Width 903-2006 mm In steps of 122,5 mm
Height 800-1300 mm In steps of 10 mm
Depth 200-500 mm In steps of 25 mm

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Common models

Type Installation dimensions Net surface Pull force Stroke length
DR-SK 1026-1030 1026 mm 1030 mm 200 mm 9.600 cm2 6 kg 300 mm
DR-SK 1026-1050 1026 mm 1050 mm 200 mm 9.800 cm2 6 kg 300 mm
DR-SK 1026-1230 1026 mm 1230 mm 200 mm 11.600 cm2 6 kg 300 mm
DR-SK 1026-1250 1026 mm 1250 mm 200 mm 11.800 cm2 6 kg 300 mm
DR-SK 2006-1250 2006 mm 1250 mm 200 mm 23.500 cm2 9 kg 300 mm