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Air scrubbers

Plastics machining

Air scrubbers can be used to limit the emission of ammonia, odor and particulate matter. Three systems can be distinguished among the air scrubbers: chemical air scrubbers, biological air scrubbers and water scrubbers. A combination system is also possible.

Under the label Kunststoftechniek NL, Scan-Air develops sustainable plastic solutions, including air scrubbers. With extensive machinery and more than 30 years of experience in the plastics machining industry, the Kunststoftechniek NL team is ready to develop and/or produce sustainable plastic solutions for you as well.

You can think of welding the (plastic) casing of air scrubbers. Or installing supplied components in an air scrubber. We can also design and produce customer-specific accessories, such as a blow-out unit or a central exhaust chimney.

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Benefits of Air scrubbers

Welding custom (plastic) casings

Installing supplied components

Designing and producing customer-specific accessories