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Vertical Wall Inlet WVV

Wall inlets

The vertical wall inlet WVV is spring closed and is opened through a motor. Due to the turning point of the flap located at the top of the inlet, all air will be sent vertically downwards.

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Benefits of Vertical Wall Inlet WVV

Made entirely of plastic and stainless steel

Easy assembly

Flexible dimensions

Modular system

Perfect air guidance due to curved flap

Insulated flap

Available dimensions

Width 200-1120 mm In steps of 1 mm
Height 320-420 mm 320/370/420 mm
Depth 100-500 mm In steps of 25 mm

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Common models

Type Installation dimensions Net surface Capacity Pull force Stroke length
W H D 10 Pa 20 Pa 30 Pa
WVV-2400 600 mm 320 mm 100 mm 1456 cm2 1750 (m3/hr) 2400 (m3/hr) 2750 (m3/hr) 3 kg 320 mm
WVV-3350 700 mm 370 mm 100 mm 2046 cm2 2450 (m3/hr) 3350 (m3/hr) 3850 (m3/hr) 3,5 kg 370 mm
WVV-4500 800 mm 420 mm 100 mm 2736 cm2 3250 (m3/hr) 4500 (m3/hr) 5150 (m3/hr) 4 kg 420 mm