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Benefits of Intake Chimney ILK

Single or double wall

Complete out of HDPE

Impact resistant


Compact version (80% volume reduction)

Different roof profiles available


Chimney with rain cap

Bird wire around cap supports

Distribution plate

Winch kit for distribution plate


Outflow ring

T-piece, elbow, etc.

Perforated tube

Available dimensions

Diameter 370-920 mm ø370/ø420/ø470/ø520/ø580/ø645/ø730/ø820/ø920 mm (internal)
Chimney length 1000-1500 mm 1000/1200/1500 mm

Online product configurator

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Common models

Type Diameter (Internal) Capacity
10 Pa 20 Pa
ILK 645 645 mm 4100 (m3/hr) 5400 (m3/hr)
ILK 730 730 mm 5250 (m3/hr) 6900 (m3/hr)
ILK 820 820 mm 6600 (m3/hr) 8700 (m3/hr)
ILK 920 920 mm 8300 (m3/hr) 11000 (m3/hr)