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For a complete climate solution

Scan-Air is the leading manufacturer of ventilation, daylight and pop-hole systems.

Wandventiel GDK
Wall inlets
Plafondventiel Horizontaal PVH
Ceiling inlets
(Indirect) Air inlets
Daylight systems
Kippenuitloop KU
Ventilation Chimneys
Light traps
Light traps
Other products

Each animal species is different and has its own needs.

Scan-Air offers a complete package of climate solutions.

With more than 25 years of experience in the agricultural sector, we are happy to share our knowledge and expertise with you for a suitable total solution for your stable.

We have the ideal products to perfectly regulate the climate in your stable. For the design of the climate system, we take into account the animal species, the correct throw, any obstacles and a good air distribution. This is the basis for a good stable climate!

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22 Oct
Website with a new look

You may have already noticed, but our website has partly been renewed! In recent months we have worked hard, in collaboration...

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22 Oct
Update regarding the new business premises of Scan-Air

This spring the construction of our new building in Haps has started! This is currently being finalized. It looks like weR...

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23 Jul
The curved wind hood: now available!

To limit wind influences, we have had the wind hood (WBK) in our range for some time now. This wind hood is made of white pla...

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