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Tunnel ventilation in poultry houses


Tunnel ventilation is a commonly used technique in the poultry industry to prevent heat stress in animals. It is mainly applied in the summer months, when temperatures rise and humidity is high.

Tunnel ventilation

Tunnel ventilation is used to lower the temperature in poultry houses and to keep the humidity at an optimal level. With a high stocking density in combination with high temperatures, animals can suffer from heat stress, which leads to reduced growth and an increased risk of disease. Tunnel ventilation uses the wind chill effect, where air is blown through the house using end gable fans. The airflow cools the animals and reduces the humidity, increasing the level of comfort for the animals and improving productivity. To apply tunnel ventilation in your house, tunnel inlets are often used in combination with pad cooling.

WVH-V Tunnel inlet

Scan-Air is a company that specializes in climate control in the poultry industry and offers various products for tunnel ventilation. The Tunnel inlet WVH-V is a specially designed multiple inlet for a poultry house. The self-opening tunnel inlet is equipped with several curved flaps with a bottom hinge. Due to the shaped blades an optimal air control is created. The blades can be provided with extra insulation by filling them with PU. Furthermore, the tunnel inlet is delivered in separate sections in order to limit the transport volume. The WVH-V tunnel inlet is available in various sizes, including two, three or four blades above each other. For more information, see the product page:

Tunnel inlet WVH-V

Pad cooling

Tunnel inlets are often installed in combination with pad cooling systems. Pad cooling uses evaporative cooling to lower the humidity in the house. A paper or plastic pad is moistened with water, after which the air is drawn through the pad. This lowers the humidity and cools the air. Scan-Air pad cooling systems are easy to install, UV resistant and easy to clean. With pad cooling you can better control the temperature in the house, you prevent heat stress in the animals and the growth of the animals stays on target. For more information, see the product page:

Pad cooling


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