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The curved wind hood: now available!


To limit wind influences, we have had the wind hood (WBK) in our range for some time now. This wind hood is made of white plastic as standard and can optionally be provided with a transparent back panel. The dimensions are based on the wall inlets on which they are mounted. If the wind hoods are used with Scan-Air inlets, it is possible to click the wind hoods on the back of the inlets (model: mounting on inlet). If this is not the case, the wind hoods can be mounted on the wall (model: wall mounting).

Curved wind hood: optionally equipped with a light trap

To meet the increasing demand for wind hoods with a light trap, we have a new type of wind hood in our range: the curved wind hood (WBK-Rond). This wind hood is black in color and can optionally be fitted with a light trap at the bottom. The curved wind hood is available in the following three versions:

  • WBK-Rond-700
    • Width: 700 mm (inside)
    • Height: 650mm
    • Depth: 475 mm
  • WBK-Rond-900
    • Width: 900 mm (inside)
    • Height: 650mm
    • Depth: 475 mm
  • WBK-Rond-1180
    • Width: 1180 mm (inside)
    • Height: 650mm
    • Depth: 475 mm


View the product page of the wind hood here for more information, or contact us in case of any questions.

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