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Smoke test for checking your ventilation system


A good climate in your house is the basis for healthy animals and optimal performance. The ventilation system is the starting point for this. In order to check if your ventilation system is working well and properly adjusted, you can perform a smoke test. You can check the air movements in your building yourself by means of smoke. Scan-Air supplies a number of smoke products with which such a test can be carried out.

Minimist smoke machine

The Minimist smoke machine produces a clean, white smoke, so that the air movements in your building can be detected quickly. The smoke is harmless, so you can perform a test without precautions. After heating up the smoke machine, it can be used without electricity. The amount of smoke can be stepless adjusted. Capacity: 180 m³/min. Connection: 230 V. Optionally, we can supply the smoke machine with an insulated carrying case.

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Smoke patterns SmokeScan-75

To check your ventilation system without a smoke machine, you can use the Smokescan-75 smoke patterns. These patterns are packed per ten pieces and have a burn time of 75 seconds. The clean, white smoke produced is harmless. The smoke patterns can be lit with a match or a lighter.

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Smoke patterns Miniax-100

In addition to the SmokeScans, you can also use the Miniax-100 smoke patterns. These patterns are packed per hundred pieces and have a burning time of approximately 45 seconds.

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Smoke canisters

Your Minimist smoke machine works optimally with the smoke cans that Scan-Air supplies. The smoke canister contains water-based liquid, which makes the smoke that is produced with it harmless. The canister is easily screwed onto the Minimist. We recommend removing the smoke canister from the machine after usage. The smoke canisters have a capacity of 404 ml and are available individually or in packs of 12.

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