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Project in the spotlight: Chimneys with ceiling inlets


Scan-Air produces various ventilation chimneys. The Unimix intake chimney U-IK, the intake chimney ILK, and the exhaust chimney AVK. To be able to always offer a suitable solution, we also produce variations on existing models and customer-specific assignments. As a result, we have built up in-depth knowledge and an extensive machine park in the field of plastic processing in the past years.

Chimneys with ceiling inlets

For some bearing sow houses we have provided our ventilation systems. We have connected the PVH-D ceiling inlet to the intake chimney ILK with an adapter unit. This combination of both products has the following benefits:

  • Due to the high location of the chimneys in roof, even really wide houses can have a properly functioning ventilation system. Due to gravity, less negative pressure is needed to provide good air circulation.
  • Since ventilation chimneys are not tied to a certain location (e.g. at the top of the side wall), this solution can be perfectly used for houses built against each other. By mounting the chimneys evenly distributed over the roof, a parallel air intake can be guaranteed.
  • Chimneys have less wind influence in comparison to regular wall inlets.

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