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More and more often a poultry house has a covered or a free range. This has given more priority to the opening and closing of pop-hole openings. Opening and closing should be easy and preferably automated. And when closing it is also important that no draft holes arise. Furthermore, it is also important that the pop-hole doors meet current welfare requirements.

In order to fulfill the above wishes, Scan-Air produces pop-hole doors according to the customer’s wishes. Scan-Air can supply the pop-hole doors including winding tubes, winch motor and other accessories. Due to this, Scan-Air can deliver a complete system. With the Scan-Air Pop-Hole Door KU you have the right product in your hands to easily control the openings in your houses.

The advantages of a Scan-Air outlet system:

  • Solid air tight closure
  • Integrated wall frame
  • Insulated slide
  • Self-closing (can be opened by motor)
  • Available in all sizes (height, width, depth)
  • Entirely made of plastic and stainless steel
  • Can be ordered including winding tubes and winch motor

Possible options with the Scan-Air pop-hole systems:

  • Single slide
  • Multiple slides
  • Transparent slide
  • Cover flange (telescopic or fixed)
  • Accessories (winding tubes, winch motor and other accessories)

Take a look on the product page of the KU pop-hole door here for more information.

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