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Pop-hole doors


A good pop-hole door is an important part of keeping the climate in your house optimal. If there are draft holes in the opening areas, there will be repercussions on the rest of the climate in the house. With the Scan-Air pop-hole door KU you have the right product to control the outlet openings in your house without any problems.

The benefits of a pop-hole system by Scan-Air:

  • Solid air tight closure
  • Integrated wall frame
  • Insulated slide
  • Self-closing (opened by a motor)
  • Available in all sizes (height, width, depth)
  • Made entirely of plastic and stainless steel

Available options for the pop-hole systems of Scan-Air:

  • Single slide
  • Multiple slides
  • Transparent slide
  • Cover flange (telescopic or fixed)

View the product page of the pop-hole door KU here for more information.

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