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Daylight systems for pig houses


Pig farmers participating in various welfare concepts are required to meet certain criteria starting from 01-01-2025 (e.g. ‘Beter Leven Varken’). One of these criteria is to have daylight-permeable surfaces in the compartments. Daylight-permeable surfaces provide a natural light source, but also have positive effects on the behavior and health of the animals.

To meet the requirements of for instance ‘Beter Leven Varken’ in terms of daylight ingress (via sidewall 2% of floor area, via roof 1% of floor area, via daylight tube 0.5% of floor area), multiple systems are available:

Roof Window DR

The insulated roof window DR meets the specific requirements of ‘Beter Leven keurmerk’. The DR roof window can be custom-made, allowing it to be perfectly tailored to the specific needs of the barn. Whether it’s for a new construction or an existing barn, the roof window can be integrated into the design or adapted to the available space. Additionally, the roof window offers an optional prism diffuser plate. This plate evenly distributes daylight throughout the space, allowing the pigs to fully benefit from the natural light source. This ensures a comfortable and healthy environment for the animals. By working with a light plate on the outside, the separate cassette (the roof window) can also be mounted in a dropped ceiling.

Product page Roof Window DR

Daylight Tube DLK (square)

The square daylight tube DLK is a good alternative to the DR roof window when there’s insufficient space in the roof and/or ceiling of a compartment. The DLK daylight tube is easy to install from the outside of the barn. The integrated roof plate is available in the most common roof profiles. Thanks to the reflective mirror walls and prism diffuser plate, the daylight tube provides uniform light distribution. The DLK daylight tube is available with a dome of 1000×1000 mm or 800×800 mm.

Product page Daylight Tube DLK (Dutch only)

Daylight Tube DLB (circular)

The circular daylight tube DLB is the right solution when there’s very limited space available in the roof and/or ceiling. The daylight tube is available in various diameters and can be extended to reach where the light is needed. The daylight tube prevents direct sunlight, avoids unwanted heating, and doesn’t suffer from condensation. Furthermore, the daylight tube is low-maintenance and applicable in (almost) any barn.

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