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Daylight inlets: Wall inlets with a transparent vent blade


In recent years, daylight entry in barns has become increasingly important, both in new constructions and renovations. Besides stricter welfare requirements, this is also due to the positive impact of daylight on the welfare of the animals and the working environment of the caregivers. Daylight contributes to a more efficient production, translating into improved business results.

In addition to daylight systems utilizing Scan-Air’s unique blackout system (such as the blackout roof window DR-SK or the blackout window panel RP-SK), it may be appropriate in some situations to use wall vents with a transparent vent blade. If there are no obstacles on the outside of the wall vents, daylight entry can occur through the transparent vent blade into the barn. This could be the case, for example, if the wall vents are placed at the same height as a light strip. All wall vents from Scan-Air can be equipped with a transparent flap or slide. For an overview of our wall vents, please consult the product category page:

Wall inlets by Scan-Air

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