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Daylight entry via the side wall


In recent years, the incorporation of natural daylight into houses has gained increasing significance, both in new constructions and renovations. In addition to stricter welfare regulations, this trend is attributed to the positive influence of daylight on animal well-being and the working environment of caretakers. Consequently, daylight contributes to enhanced production efficiency, resulting in improved business outcomes.

Window Panels

Within Scan-Air’s product range, there are daylighting solutions not only for roofs (blackout roof windows DR-SK) but also for building facades. These window panels are primarily used in new constructions. The panels can be equipped with or without shading mechanisms, depending on the specific group of animals they cater to. Furthermore, options include clear or opal (milky white) polycarbonate. These window panels can also be combined with Scan-Air’s wall inlets. Since both the window panels and the wall inlets belong to the Optiflex product line, the inlets can be seamlessly integrated into the window panel. Numerous configurations are possible with the so-called WVH-RP Combipanel. Contact us for more information about the possibilities.


The blackout window panel RP-SK is equipped with Scan-Air’s unique shading system. This system utilizes integrated, counter-rotating louvers, allowing for continuous adjustment of light ingress from 0% to 100%. Moreover, all moving components are safeguarded against dust and moisture, contributing to the durability of the window panels. The counter-rotating louvers ensure uniform light distribution, preventing shadow formation and ensuring that incoming light doesn’t affect the arrangement of animals within the house. Additionally, these window panels offer excellent insulation due to their complete enclosure with polycarbonate on both sides. This insulation can be further increased by filling the louvers with polyurethane foam.

Suitable dimensions

A distinctive feature of Scan-Air’s products is their suitable dimensions. This also applies to the window panels, making them suitable for any opening. When determining the dimensions, the required daylight surface area or available opening in the facade is taken into account. Additionally, consideration is given to whether wall inlets need to be integrated into the window panel. Based on this data, the window panels are manufactured with suitable dimensions. The width of each window panel can vary between 658 and 2618 mm, while the height can range from 400 to 1120 mm. The minimum depth is 200 mm and can be expanded based on the wall’s depth in which the panels are installed. An optional cover flange can be provided for a clean finish.

If you have any questions about our daylighting systems, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Raampaneel met verduistering RP-SK