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Daylight entry systems in pig houses


In the agricultural sector, there is an increasing emphasis on animal welfare. The Better Life certification plays a crucial role in this regard by establishing guidelines for the welfare of animals, including pigs. One of these guidelines for pigs is the necessity of sufficient daylight exposure in the compartments. These provisions contribute to the welfare of the animals and can be achieved with the help of high-quality products such as the DR roof window from Scan-Air.

Daylight is crucial for the well-being of pigs. It not only provides a natural light source but also has positive effects on their behavior and health. Sufficient daylight promotes a better biological clock, resulting in a more regular eating and sleeping pattern. Moreover, daylight stimulates the natural growth and development of pigs while reducing stress levels.

To meet the requirements of the Better Life certification, it is essential to install high-quality daylight provisions in pig barns. The DR roof window from Scan-Air is an excellent choice for this application. This window meets the specific certification requirements and offers numerous advantages. Firstly, the DR roof window can be customized, allowing it to be perfectly adapted to the specific needs of the barn. Whether it’s a new construction or an existing barn, the roof window can be integrated into the design or adjusted to fit the available space. Additionally, the DR roof window from Scan-Air offers an optional prism distribution plate. This plate evenly distributes daylight throughout the space, enabling pigs to fully benefit from the natural light source. This creates a comfortable and healthy environment for the animals.

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